Everything You Need to Know About Web Development in Berkshire

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Every business needs web development. Your website is the all-important first point of contact with your users. So it should function smoothly, create a great first impression and meet your customers’ needs. Got a local business? Here’s all you need to know about web development in Berkshire.

Do I need web development?

Do you want a fast website that looks great and delivers that seamless user experience? Then it’s a good idea to work with a web design agency, like Jennifer Cornish Design. We can handle the look and feel of your website, so it integrates your brand image and essential information with awesome results.

But getting the design right is just one part of web development. So if you want a great looking website that performs beyond your expectations, you need to pay attention to the back end and front end operations.

A back end development team takes care of what’s going on behind the scenes. They can integrate servers, applications and databases to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Our front end developers take care of the front-facing elements of your website, including design, layout and interactivity. They’re the people who take your ideas and turn them into a fully functioning website that brings together aesthetics, navigation and user-friendliness. In addition, we’ll ensure your site is fully mobile optimised to get ahead of the competition.

What web design services do I need?

No two businesses are exactly alike. Which means you’re likely to need different services to the competition. We offer a range of high impact services that we’re confident will make you stand out from the competition, including:


As a web design agency in Berkshire, our team knows your website is so much more than a shop window. It needs to create a first impression that delights your users immediately. After all, you only have 0.05 seconds to showcase your brand and your business values.

Integrated with ease of navigation and the information your users need to make informed decisions, good design can help you build strong relationships with repeat customers.


Every business knows their website needs SEO, but our most common question is, “how do I get my website to rank more highly?” Using the proper Search Engine Optimisation techniques optimises the connection between what users are searching for and your website.

Driving your website up to the top of Google rankings is the best way to generate traffic that translates into sales and queries. We can help you navigate Google’s algorithms and improve your SEO.


Creating unique brand assets, like an attention-grabbing logo goes hand in hand with great website design. So whether you’re a branding-free startup looking to make a splash or your brand needs a refresh, we can handle your design and keep your brand consistent across all your visuals.


Crafting compelling messaging ensures that the tone of your website is consistent with your values and branding. We’ll help you create a user experience that brings committed customers onboard by handling all your marketing needs across multiple channels.

So why do I need web development?

A professional image: Your website is your most powerful online marketing tool. Don’t let your business down with sloppy design and poor SEO.

Superb customer experience: Using a clear and well-designed layout that engages desktop and mobile users will bring your blueprint to life and create happy customers.

Consistency: Your branding can seem weak and inconsistent if your values and logo aren’t translated into good web design. Professional design strengthens your brand image for a more significant impact.

At Jennifer Cornish Designs, we can handle all your web development needs in Berkshire. Contact us today and arrange your free website SEO audit.