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A logo is so much more than an image, it represents your entire organisation’s identity and brand, and because of this, the process needs to be bespoke and personal. Whether you are a new business needing a brand identity, or an established company that requires a brand refresh. We will work closely with you to create a branding and logo design to make your business stand out and communicate directly to your customers.



Your brand is your identity, it is unique to your business. Want you business to stand out and look professional then high quality branding and logo design is essential to any business.


The best logos stand out and should be identifiable without words. Being able to describe what your business does visually is how great professional branding works.


Consistency is a common theme throughout design. Having a professional brand that is filtered through your marketing mediums makes your business consistent and build trust with your customers.

Wild Flower Studios

A creative new florist business wanted to reflect its wild creativity in its logo. Rebecca at Wild Flower Studios had a real vision of how she wanted her new business to look visually. Over a coffee we sketched out her ideas and then digitally bought them to life. The forest green and cream really reflect the naturalness of her business while the hand scripted font style adds to her rustic wild look. Once the brand was created this was reflected across the website and her flower trailer that can be found at Millets Farm in Oxfordshire.


Design is very similar to hairstyles, ever changing and modernising depending on current trends. Roger Lake hairdressing was no different. Wanting a modern logo to go with the redesign of their hair salon. We took their old logo and modernised with complete rebranding.


Yes, like our website reviews we can review how your current branding looks and consistency across your business.

Branding is important to your business because it gives your customers an impression of your business and what they can expect. It is what makes a memorable impression on your customers and adds trust. It is also how your customers distinguishing you from your competitors.  Great branding makes you the better choice!

Most companies rebrand because of their audience. In an ever changing market we rebrand because our audience is changing. Rebranding works by taking your existing brand looking at your new audience and changing your brand to suit your new audience. Elements of your previous brand can be filtered through to your new brand or it can be a complete redesign it is completely up to you.

You know your business better than anyone so you will know when the time is right. Rebranding often happens when you have a new demographic audience, you want to change your existing image or you outgrow your original mission. On average a company rebrands every 7-10 years depending on the size of the business.

Rebranding means more than just changing your logo. It often involves changing the complete visual tone of your business. Including Imagery, colour pallets and the content you use to promote your business. Not sure if you need a complete rebranding just a tweak, sure we can help with that also. Get in touch and we can talk all things branding over a coffee.

Cost is a big factor in any business, especially rebranding. We can work to your budget and ensure you get the highest quality outcome. Have a think about how much your visual impact means to your customers and you. If you want to look professional branding is key to that.

This depends on a number of factors. How big is your rebrand and how big is your company? Let us help you with a roll out plan to ensure your rebranding goes as smoothly as possible.

Yes we provide a full branding and rebranding service which include: 

  • Design initial logos 
  • Rebranding existing brands 
  • Providing complete style guides for existing and future users 
  • Communication plan 
  • Applying new brand across all mediums.