5 Reasons Why You Need To Hire An SEO Consultant In Berkshire

Jennifer Cornish Designs

Do you want to skyrocket your website traffic and drive your business to new heights? SEO statistics tell us that 70% of marketers believe SEO is more effective than PPC (pay-per-click). SEO professionals can help upgrade your strategy and increase the visibility of your content.

SEO is an umbrella term that covers approaches such as:

  • Web design
  • Mobile functionality
  • Keyword research
  • Image tagging
  • Metadata creation
  • Link-building

An old school SEO related joke says the best place to hide a body is on the third page of Google. Admittedly, it’s a bit of an exaggeration. But the underlying message is that higher ranking sites generate the most traffic.

The top position on Google alone generates 33% of all search traffic for a given question. Therefore, if your website isn’t on the first page, there is a good chance your customers won’t find it at all.

But, before you start scanning through your in-house team for someone who knows the basics, you should understand that it’s a much better investment to hire an SEO specialist from outside your office.

So, why should you hire an SEO consultant?


Time is money. Since there are only so many hours in the day, it’s crucial that you use your time effectively. Going through the process of hiring an employee is far from efficient.

In the weeks you spent looking for the right candidate, you could have devoted your time to more important projects.

By hiring an SEO consultant, you can quickly meet with a specialist that comes with an excellent track record. They can show you how they have changed other businesses and how they can use that same expertise to change yours.

Save Money

Hiring some help for your SEO needs is considerably more affordable than hiring a new team member or training an existing employee.

The average cost to hire a single employee sits in the thousands. If you are looking to transform your SEO, you would need to bring in two, if not three, more employees.

With a specialist, you’re only paying for exactly what you need — high-quality SEO services. You can reinvest the money you save back into your business.

Get The Right Links

As far as search engines are concerned, higher ranking websites have much greater authority.

SEO consultants are considered experts in their field and can create exceptional link-building strategies for your business.

Backing up your claims with evidence helps build relationships, boosts content value and ultimately increases your traffic. It’s a win-win for your business and your audience.

Generate Leads

Well crafted SEO is designed to strengthen your sales process and help you find new customers. Specialists know how to guide people through your sales funnel in organic ways that end with happier clients.

No Need To Worry About Changes

One of the most challenging parts of SEO is that it’s constantly changing, often several times a year.

Keeping up to date with each change and what it means for your online appearance is a full-time job by itself.

Whilst you’re running your business, a specialist can keep up with the latest trends. You can focus on your own projects, knowing all the while that your website is staying in Google’s good books.

Do you want to transform your SEO practices and power your company to new levels? Contact us at Jennifer Cornish Design for an SEO consultant in Berkshire.