How Graphic Design Can Reinvigorate Your Brand

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Graphic design is a broad term that can extend to many aspects of your business — from your branding and print marketing to your web design and social media presence. It should come as no surprise that it has the power to make or break a brand. This may sound drastic, but for many businesses, their aesthetics and branding is how they attract new customers, stand out from the crowd, and represent themselves. 

In this article, we take a deeper look into the importance of graphic design, its applications, and how you can use it to reinvigorate your brand.

Brand identity

A well-planned graphic design strategy is crucial for establishing a cohesive brand identity. You’ll want to use one colour scheme, one style of images, illustrations, and icons, and a particular font throughout all your branding. This might include more areas than is immediately obvious. 

For instance, the following areas should all contain the same graphic elements:

  • Your web design
  • Your social media accounts
  • Your online marketing
  • Any print marketing
  • Your merchandising
  • Your email marketing
  • Any business presentations 

If you don’t already have a clear, comprehensive graphic design strategy or brand style guide, take this as your sign to create one! Brand guidelines will help ensure that any new materials created remain in keeping with your overall branding. This will be an incredibly helpful resource, not just for your current employees, but any future employees who will be working on your branding.

Does your brand image no longer reflect your business? Perhaps you’re experiencing a decline in sales. If so, then it might be time for a rebrand. Your current graphic design may not be doing an effective job of speaking to your customers or presenting your business in the best light. 

The power of visuals

Just as copywriting will help you explain your services and product details, graphic design will help you tell a visually compelling story about your brand. Some people will decide whether your business is for them based on visuals alone. Why? Reading about your services takes time, but getting an impression of your brand through its graphic design happens almost instantly. 

Paying attention to branding is crucial for capturing the attention of your potential customers, which all comes down to graphic design. Is your logo polished and professional? Do you have a high-quality master copy that you can use in all your marketing materials? Do your other visual elements accurately reflect your brand?

A graphic designer will be able to walk you through every part of your brand that involves graphic design and help you assess what should be kept and what needs some work. If you’ve been using your branding for years, it can be difficult to immediately see what needs improvement.

Graphic design services, Berkshire

If you’re looking to change your website’s design, revamp your branding, or create new on-brand marketing materials, then get in touch with the Jennifer Cornish team today. 

We’ll work with you to improve your brand image with our graphic design and web design skills. If you’re only looking for creative assistance with certain parts of your branding and marketing, just let us know. We’re happy to boost your brand in small but impactful ways — for instance, through merchandising, business cards, and signage, or by giving your brand a complete makeover — for instance, through a new logo, new website design, and rebranding style guide.
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